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Expert Car Heater Repair at McCabe’s Automotive in University Place Tacoma

McCabes Automotive has been family owned and serving Tacoma for over 50 years.

If your car heater is leaving you out in the cold, we can help fix that. Don’t let the chill compromise your comfort. At McCabe’s Automotive, we specialize in swift and effective car heater repairs to get you back on the road in warmth.

Visit our University Place, Tacoma auto repair shop and discover why our community consistently selects us as their preferred choice for trustworthy mechanics delivering enduring services that keep our community strong. 

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Why Choose McCabe’s for Your Car Heater Repair Needs?

1. Affordable Car Heater Repair Cost & Financing Options

Worried about the cost of car heater repairs? We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Request a quote today and experience reliable repairs that won’t break the bank. We can also help with auto repair financing options.

2. Conveniently Located in University Place, WA

Located in the heart of University Place, our auto repair shop is easily accessible. If you’re searching for auto repair shops with loaner cars, McCabe’s Automotive is your go-to solution.

3. Experienced Mechanics & Community Trust

Our skilled mechanics are not just experts in car heater repairs but also understand the inconvenience of being without your vehicle. McCabe’s has been Tacoma’s family owned auto repair shop for over 50 years because we make sure that our mechanics and technicians know what they are doing.

Common Car Heater Issues We Fix

Blowing Cold Air

If your car heater is blowing cold air instead of providing the warmth you need, it could be due to a malfunctioning thermostat, heater core issues, or a faulty valve. Our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection to identify and address the root cause

Inconsistent Heating

Inconsistent heating can be frustrating. It might be caused by a blend door malfunction, airlock in the cooling system, or issues with the heater control valve. Our skilled team will pinpoint the issue and implement effective repairs to restore consistent heating.

Strange Noises

Unusual noises from your car heater, such as rattling or banging sounds, could indicate problems with the blower motor or issues within the heating system. Our experienced mechanics will diagnose the source of the noise and perform necessary repairs for a quiet and efficient heating system.

Failure to Heat Up

If your car’s heater fails to warm up, it may be due to a faulty thermostat, issues with the radiator, or a clogged heater core. We’ll identify the issue and implement the necessary repairs to restore your car’s heating functionality.

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Don’t let a malfunctioning car heater ruin your drive. Contact McCabe’s Automotive today for top-notch car heater repairs in University Place, WA.


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