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What Does It Mean For Your Car to be Out of Alignment?

If you find yourself trying to keep your wheel straight while driving but your vehicle is veering into a different direction, your wheels are most likely not aligned. You may feel like you are fighting with your car to stay in control, or in less serious cases, the car will seem to drift to one side on its own. Another indication is if your tires are not wearing evenly. If any portion of your tire tread is wearing more than another, your car most likely is out of alignment. In a perfectly aligned vehicle, you will find that the wear on your tires is the same throughout the wheels.

A few other indications of misalignment include the vehicle’s front end shaking, as well as a visibly crooked steering wheel while your vehicle is going straight. It is not only dangerous as you cannot properly maneuver your vehicle, it will also cost you a lot of money to constantly replace your tires if the issue is not solved.

The Dangers of Driving with a Misaligned Vehicle

While fixing the alignment on your vehicle may seem like an issue that can be put off, there are some major dangers that you may not have considered which are listed below.

Faulty Brakes- while your brakes themselves will not be affected, the way they function will. They will prove ineffective because your tires will not be able to break evenly, which is a danger to you and your passengers. 

Losing Control of Vehicle– when you do not have full control of your steering wheel, you will be unable to maneuver your car as smoothly, resulting in the inability to make sudden movements to avoid collisions. On top of that, the higher the speed you are at, the more difficult it will be to make sudden car maneuvers or lane changes. 

Busted Tires- Tires that are not aligned are most likely to rupture, which could result in a fatal accident of driving at high speeds.

We Can Help!

If your car alignment is in question, we can help you prevent further car damages and make your vehicle safe again. Our friendly team at Mccabe’s Automotive  in University Place will be happy to assist you. Stop by our shop on Bridgeport, request an online appointment or simply give us a call at 253-565-5173

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