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Auto AC Repair Service – University Place, Tacoma, WA

Repairing your car’s ac system is a simple, affordable, and quick process.

We can diagnose any issues, repair or recharge coolant, so you don’t have to sweat on your afternoon commute this summer.

Car A/C Repair Service 

We will inspect your vehicle’s AC unit. While this could be a simple issue of needing an AC recharge, that isn’t always the case. Such malfunctions can include a broken condenser, a faulty compressor, a blockage in your air intake, or electrical issues. Whatever the issues is, we can help repair it.

Car AC Recharge

Is your car not pushing out cold air? At McCabe’s automotive we offer an A/C evacuate and recharge where we void the air conditioning system of old freon and then recharge the system with new freon. This is a regular process to get your car ready for the summer heat. 

Our Car AC Recharge & Inspection is Quick 

Diagnostic Evaluation:

Our skilled technicians inspect your AC system to identify issues affecting its performance, including leaks and electrical connections.

Refrigerant Recovery:

We safely extract any remaining refrigerant, following environmentally-friendly practices.

AC Leak Detection and Repair:

If any leaks are detected, they are promptly repaired to prevent refrigerant loss.

Recharging the Car’s AC System:

We recharge the AC system with high-quality refrigerant tailored to your vehicle’s specifications.

car repair specialist fixing the ac in a car close up of valves

Car Air Conditioning System

If your idea of air condition is rolling all the windows down and going fast enough to keep a breeze coming into the car and are in need of an A/C recharge or service, then look no further. 

The air conditioning system in your car is a very diverse and multipurpose system. The job of the air conditioning system is to not only keep you, your passengers and pets cool, it also “conditions” the air in your car, in modern cars it regulates the temperature keeping the computer components cool, the A/C system even regulates and reduces the humidity present in your vehicle. It is important to keep you’re A/C system functioning properly.

Did you know?

The defrost in your car is driven by the air conditioning system! The defrost relies on the air conditioning system to work properly to defrost your windows in the fall and winter time. This can be a clear sign if your defrost is not functioning full board come summer time you might not stay as cool as you would like. Give us a call today to schedule your car a/c repair appointment here at our auto repair shop at University Place in Tacoma, WA! 

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How does Car AC Work? 

A car’s AC unit works by utilizing a closed-loop system that circulates refrigerant through various components. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air inside the car and transfers it to the outside environment, creating a cooling effect. This process is facilitated by multiple components.

Image of an Air Conditioning knob in the car

What components are used in a car’s AC system?

Compressor: The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant, transforming it into a high-pressure gas.

Condenser: The condenser helps dissipate heat from the refrigerant, turning the high-pressure gas into a high-pressure liquid.

Expansion Valve: The expansion valve reduces the pressure and temperature of the liquid refrigerant, allowing it to expand and vaporize.

Evaporator: The evaporator absorbs heat from the air inside the car, causing the refrigerant to evaporate and create a cooling effect.

Blower Fan: The blower fan circulates air over the evaporator, blowing the cooled air into the car’s cabin.

Return to Compressor: The refrigerant returns to the compressor to restart the cycle, maintaining a continuous flow of cool air.

Is your car not blowing cold air? Here are 4 common signs that you could need an AC recharge.  

1. Warm Air:

If your AC system is blowing warm air instead of refreshing cool air, it’s a clear indication that your refrigerant levels may be low.

2. Insufficient Cooling:

Even if the air is somewhat cool, but not as chilly as it used to be, it’s a sign that your AC system may be struggling and in need of a recharge.

3. Poor Airflow:

Weak airflow from the vents can be caused by a variety of AC system problems, including low refrigerant levels that need replenishing.

4. Strange Noises or Smells:

Unusual noises or unpleasant smells coming from the AC system may indicate a need for professional attention and an AC recharge

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