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Breathe Easy with a Healthy Vehicle Air System

Your vehicle’s air system needs oxygen just like you do. Let us help you breathe easier knowing that your car is getting the clean air that it needs. We can change individual air filters, or provide a full service that is included in our comprehensive car tune up service.


Why should I change my Car Air Filters?

The engine of any car or truck can be damaged – in some cases severely – by dust, dirt, and mildew present in the air. Air filters trap all of these impurities and prevent them from reaching the engine in the first place.

  • Dirty air in the engine can hinder smooth performance.
  • Clean engine air filters can increase fuel economy and decrease emissions
  • Fresh cabin air filters keep pollen and dirt out of the car’s interior
  • Cabin air filters assist the performance of the heater and air conditioning system


How do I know my Air Filters need to be replaced?

Your Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual will suggest the best practice for your car’s air filter replacement based on your mileage and driving conditions. Other indicators can include:

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) associated with your car’s air systems
  • Lowered performance when operating your heater or air conditioner
  • Strange smells from mildew present in the air
  • Visible dust and clogging when inspecting your old filters


Benefits From Regular Air Filter Replacement

Vehicle Performance Benefits

Engine Health

Clean air can extend the life of your engine.  Air filters trap impurities and prevent them from reaching the engine in the first place.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

Maintained air systems can avoid Diagnostic Trouble Codes that lead to unnecessary shop visits

Successful Emission Tests

Healthy, code-free cars can pass yearly emissions tests more smoothly and quickly.  Saving you money every year.

Financial Benefits

Assist Service Technicians

Properly functioning air systems in your vehicle helps our Service Technicians find any other potential issues quickly.

Environmental Benefits

Cleaner air is good for your car, your passengers, and our environment. Helping your engine breathe clean air keeps the air we breathe cleaner too!

Higher Vehicle Value

Regularly maintained vehicles tend to keep their value in the second-hand resale market

Personal Health Benefits

Avoid Allergies

Drivers and passengers who breathe cleaner air can avoid those springtime sniffles associated with dust and pollen.

Passenger Comfort

Clean air helps your Air Conditioning and Heating systems function properly – keeping your cabin a comfortable temperature.

Cleaner Vehicle

Hate scrubbing your dash and windows?  Fresh, dust-free air helps keep the interior of your car looking clean and shiny!

Save Money on Future Repairs: Why Early Vehicle Protection Pays Off

Regular, cost-effective air filter maintenance can keep your car strong, reliable and can keep driving a pleasant experience. For you and your passengers.  Schedule an appointment with McCabe’s Automotive at University Place, Tacoma, today.  We’ll take care of your air filters quickly to keep your car running and breathing like a champion!


Trust Us for Your Regular Air Filter Service

Bring us your vehicle for your air filter services.  We will evaluate your filters and provide an estimated cost and timeline.  You can count on us as the best service center in Tacoma.  Whether it’s air filters or a complete inspection and preventive maintenance of your vehicle, call us today!  We are more than pleased to serve you.

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