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Shocks on a tan truck lifted with mud tires

Your vehicle’s shocks help ensure better stability and road safety. When should you contact us for service?


The ride quality is poor – If your vehicle feels ‘bouncy’ or seems to ‘roll’ on turns it’s time to take a look at those shocks and struts as well as the suspension itself.

Your Vehicle ‘Nose Dives’ – Nose diving is the term for when you apply your brakes and the front of the car seems to point to the ground. In serious cases, nose diving can  be more than a nuisance it can cause a momentary loss of steering control and increased braking times.

Your Vehicle Leans – If your shocks are starting to go bad, often even on the shallowest turns, it will feel as if your vehicle is leaning to one side.


Shocks and suspension offer vehicle stability against potholes and uneven surfaces. We also look at the steering box, bearings and hubs. Periodic maintenance keeps them in order and you receive excellent safety while driving.

Not only the shocks, but leaf springs and coils also play a key role in absorbing the potholes and uneven surfaces. Whether you have a conventional shock absorbing system or a strut-based shock absorbing system, our team has the expertise and knowledge to replace and align them correctly.

We also recommend that any vehicle receives an ‘annual checkup’ of its struts, shocks and alignment even if you haven’t noticed any of these issues so that you can be assured your car is performing at its best.

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