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Vehicle Air Conditioning & Cooling Service – University Place, Tacoma, WA

Car A/C Repair & Recharge 

Is your car not pushing out cold air? Look no further than McCabe’s Automotive for an effective solution. Our A/C evacuate and recharge service is designed to rejuvenate your air conditioning system. Head over to our Car AC recharge page to learn more. 

Car Heater Repair

In order for the heater to operate properly, it is crucial for the car’s cooling system to be in good operating condition. If the engine cooling system is not working properly it is possible to overheat your engine resulting in serious engine damage and greater repair costs down the line. 

Car Defrost Service 

Is your vehicle’s defrost not working? We diagnose and repair all types of car defrost and defogging systems to ensure that you can safely see out of your windows while you drive. Give us a call or request to schedule an appointment at our University Place, WA repair shop.

Vehicle Cooling System

If you are having issues with your cars AC unit, we can help solve diagnose and repair the issue. Most often times the AC system in your car just needs a recharge of the freon. This is a simple process, so there is no need to stay hot all summer long if your car’s ac is broken. Chances are, we can fix it, fast and cheap. 

For More information on the Engine Cooling System Click Here

Vehicle Heating System

How does the heater in your car work you ask? The heat that you feel when the heater is on is actually generated by the heat from the engine. This heat moves from the car’s radiator to the heater core. The car’s heater core is where the hot engine fluid (referred to ironically as coolant) flows in and out of and is controlled by the heater control valve. Then an electric fan blows air through the core distributing this heat into the cabin of the vehicle through the vents.

If you are having trouble regulating your car’s heat you might need to check the coolant levels. Here at McCabe we can refill your engine coolant which is essential to prevent a car from overheating.  

Did you know?

If you are ever driving in a car and it begins to overheat, you should pull over immediately. If you drive while your car is overheating you risk damaging your radiator or even worse your engine. If there is no where to pull over safely, then turn your heater all the way up on the feat or feat/vent setting. This way some of the hot air will be able to escape from the radiator, buying you a short amount of time to get somewhere safe. 

For more information on your car’s heating system Click Here

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