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When you have your oil changed here at McCabe’s Automotive in the Greater Tacoma Area, you can expect a thorough and complete inspection of your vehicle. The goal is to detect potential health problems before they happen and make sure your vehicle is as reliable and efficient as it should be. We operate in complete transparency so that you can feel assured that you’re in good hands.

We base our cost on your vehicle and oil filter type so that you aren’t over paying for a flat fee. Give us a quick call to get a quote for your oil change service. 253-565-5173

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Why Is Oil Change Important?

Regular oil changes are essential in maintaining your vehicle, extending the life of your vehicle, and ensuring your vehicle continues to run efficiently. The job of the oil in your car is to keep all moving parts running smoothly, clean, and cool. In between oil changes it is important that the level of the oil be checked because every vehicle has a different oil capacity ranging from 3.5 quarts for smaller cars all the way up to 10 -12 quarts for heavy duty diesel trucks.

Losing up to 1 quart between oil changes can be detrimental, low levels can cause the engine to run less efficiently and/or cause serious damage. It will cost you way less over a lifetime to get your oil changed regularly than it would to replace your engine. If you find yourself burning through excessive amounts of oil between oil changes, you might be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

That’s a great question, and we are so glad you asked! This is quite a controversial topic. We have seen owners manuals with suggestions to go as long as 10,000 miles or 12 months between oil changes. As wonderful as that sounds, its simply not true and we sympathize. How often you change you oil depends on lots of different factors;

  • Type of oil your vehicle calls for (synthetic blend oil VS full synthetic oil)
  • Driving conditions (gravel roads VS paved roads)
  • Type of driving (in town lots of stop and go VS extended highway miles)
  • How often you drive? Limited driving can sometimes be worse then driving lots of miles
  • Are you towing a heavy trailer often?

The bottom line is, your vehicle needs clean oil to full capacity to run efficiently.

Hand in white glove Performing an Oil Filter Change

What to Know When Looking for the Cheapest Place to Get an Oil Change

It is important to realize that when an auto shop performs an oil change on your vehicle, they are more than likely going to replace your oil filter as well. If you are wondering how often should I change my oil filter, the standard recommendation is when you have your oil changed. The oil filter is essential in filtering out the debris and gunk which may build up over time differently from one vehicle to the next, depending on things like driving conditions, dirt roads, weather conditions, and so on. Most mechanics will charge around the same price for an oil change, but sometimes mechanics will skip this step to save themselves the $10-$20 cost of an oil filter and then offer their service $10-$20 below their competitors.

Three helpful tips from the team at McCabe’s!

  • Change your oil regularly!
  • Check you oil level often & if you don’t know how please feel free to stop by, the team at McCabe’s is happy to help!
  • Enjoy the drive!

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