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McCabe’s Brake Service in University Place, Tacoma WA

The brake system on your vehicle is the most important safety system!

Faulty or worn out brakes can lead to trouble on the road. In order to ensure that your vehicle is operating properly, it is crucial to stay on top of routine brake inspections, as well as taking care of any needed repairs.

While you can’t rely on your car, truck, or SUV to “tell” you that it needs brakes, there are some indicators that might help you be more aware of your brake system’s performance level.

Here are a few things to watch, feel, and listen for:

  • Grinding sounds: Can be heard when applying the pedal, and in some cases, all the time.
  • Pulsation/vibration in the pedal, seat or steering wheel: This sensation could be an indicator of brake pads or rotors that are warped and no long flat. 
  • Dashboard lights: Brake light indicating low brake fluid or possibly a brake sensor has been tripped.
  • Squealing/Squeaking
  • Pedal sinking, spongey, or mushy

Regularly having your brakes inspected ensures that you will get the most life out of your brakes. If you suspect that your car is experiencing problems with its braking system, call us today to set up an appointment to have your braking system inspected immediately!

When making your appointment for your complimentary brake inspection, our highly trained team will ask identifying questions to be sure we are all on the same page. We may even want to take a test drive with you to ensure we feel what you’re feeling!

Your brake inspection includes:

  • Visual inspection of master cylinder and hydraulic lines
  • Inspection of fluid level and condition
  • Removal of both front and rear wheels and inspect brakes and measure rotor and/or drum for wear
  • Visual inspection of calipers, pads and/or shoes and measure wear
  • Inspection of all hardware, backing plates, bearings and seals where applicable
  • Road test to confirm customer’s concern – if needed

We are the brake experts!

Here at McCabe’s Automotive, our highly skilled technicians are experts when it comes to brakes, and we are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get your braking system up to speed from our shop located in the Greater Tacoma Area.

Our Brake System Services Include

  • Flush, fill and bleed the braking system
  • Brake pad and rotor replacement
  • Brake caliper reconditioning and replacement
  • Brake line repair and replacement
  • New brake hoses
  • ABS diagnosis and repair
  • Parking brake service and repair

If it’s time to service your brakes, get in touch with us today by giving us a call at (253) 565-5173 or by clicking the button below to conveniently schedule your appointment online. 

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