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Steering & Suspension Service – University Place, Tacoma WA


There are many components in the steering system which allow your vehicle to follow a desired course.

Warning signs that your steering system may need attention:

  • Vibration while turning
  • Unusual tire wear
  • Out-of-ordinary sounds
  • Vehicle becomes difficult to turn

Periodic maintenance keeps them in order and you receive excellent safety while driving. We recommend that any vehicle receives an ‘annual checkup’ of its struts, shocks and alignment even if you haven’t noticed any of these issues so that you can be assured your car is performing at its best.


Automobile suspension is vitally essential for the well-being of your vehicle. Our auto repair shop at University Place in Tacoma has everything needed to perform top-notch auto suspension work. Vehicle suspension ensures a safe ride for you and all the loved ones you transport in your automobile and the suspension also offers vehicle stability against potholes and uneven surfaces

Warning signs that your suspension system may need attention:

  • The ride quality is poor – If your vehicle feels ‘bouncy’ or seems to ‘roll’ on turns
  • Your vehicle ‘Nose Dives’ – Nose diving is the term for when you apply your brakes and the front of the car seems to point to the ground
  • Your vehicle may “lean” or the front corner of your vehicle may also drop as you turn in the same direction
  • The vehicle does not sit level

* Check out our video of the ball joint failure on the truck in our shop.

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