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Tire Services – University Place, Tacoma WA

Make sure to have your tires rotated about 5,000 miles or every other oil change and don’t forget to check your tire pressure about once a month including your spare tire! We perform these services on there own, or as apart of our comprehensive tune-up special.

Tread depth is also a very important part of your tire! Not enough tread can make driving unsafe, especially in our typical northwest wet weather conditions.

Unusual tire wear is an indication that something isn’t quiet right with your suspension or alignment. If you are experiencing unusual tire wear, you’ll want to have it checked out by an expert technician right away.

Here at McCabe’s although we don’t sell tires, we always inspect your tread level and can advise you of rotation or replacement needs!

Vehicle Tip! Keep your tires inflated to the proper levels. Under inflated tires make it harder for your car to move down the road, which means your engine uses more fuel to maintain speed.

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