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McCabe’s Fluid Services – University Place, Tacoma WA

Changing the fluids in your vehicle is a vital part of owning and maintaining your vehicle’s performance, safety, and reliability. That’s why we’re proud to offer a number of fluid services here at our shop in the Greater Tacoma Area! We also provide car tune up services that include fluid replacement.

Engine Oil Change: the oil in your car that keeps all moving parts running smoothly, clean and cool. Regular oil changes are crucial for maintaining your vehicle, however it is just as important to check your oil level regularly. Low levels can cause serious damage to the engine. Don’t know how to check your oil? Stop by our shop anytime we are open and we would love to check it for you and even show you how!

Brake Fluid: hydraulic fluid that travels though the brake lines to activate the brake hydraulic parts with pressure. Brake fluid is extremely hygroscopic (attracts moisture) which if not flushed regularly will result in harmful deposits and varnish build up inside the brake lines which break down the additives that help protect the brake system components.

Power Steering Fluid: a hydraulic fluid specially formulated to transmit the power in power steering. Maintaining healthy power steering fluid will prolong the life of other more expensive power steering components.

Transmission Fluid: acts as a lubricant to the various parts of the transmission. It cleans and protects the metal surfaces from wear along with conditioning the gaskets and enhancing the cooling function to reduce high operating temperatures.

Coolant: an anti-corrosion fluid that protects the cooling system, stabilizes the temperature, and acts as a lubricant to the water pump.

Differential Fluid: Rear differential fluid naturally moves around the differential as a vehicle is in motion. It lubricates the gears in the differential to prevent metal-on-metal contact that causes premature rear-end wear.

Transfer Case Fluid: a synthetic or traditional gear oil that attaches the transmission system to a vehicle’s front and rear axles via drive shafts, or mechanical shafts that enable rotation and transmit torque, or the force of motion, to other connected components.

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