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Fuel System – University Place, Tacoma WA

How low should I go? Let’s talk about your car’s fuel system. 

Here at McCabe’s we recommend you should refuel upon hit the ¼ tank mark, and here’s why!

In your fuel tank, there is a contraption called a fuel pump, which sends the fuel from the tank to the engine. The fuel pump relies on the gasoline in the tank to keep it cool and lubricated. Running the car with a low tank means that the pump isn’t staying as lubricated as it should and is at risk of overheating. Your fuel pump also has a fuel filter, which can quickly get dirty if you frequently drive with a low tank. Since any sediment or dirt sinks to the bottom of the tank, the fuel filter could end up getting blocked or you could take in dirty fuel, which also has costly consequences. The obvious downside to this is premature failure of the pump, which can be a costly repair.

The bottom line is, ignoring your car’s low fuel warning is generally a bad idea and running your car on empty can cause serious and costly problems to your car’s fuel system. Our team of professionals here at McCabe’s are here to help from our shop located in University Place, Tacoma Area. Get in touch with us today for any questions you might have regarding your fuel system! We also offer car tune up services that include certain fuel system inspections.  

Image of a Burnt Fuel Connector for Fuel System
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